Extruding edge and normal direction

I have to extrude single edge to plane very often. The direction of planes normal is very important in my models. Currently it seems to me that blender chooses randomly the direction and I have to correct by “flip normal” command. Is it somehow tell the Blender to use some sort of preferred direction of normals?

If the is an face on the edge blender copies the normal from the face.
If there is an edge only it make the normal to your view.

I forgot to mention that I still use 2.79b for some reasons. I work in top view and edges have the same XY location.
I tried to extrude in 2.82 and it is completely predictable in there but random in 2.79b

My test was to short, yes you are right, it works not as desireable.
Extruding in a negative or positive direction makes the face normal to you or not.
I guess this is not mentioned, for me the normal should facing to you, independent in which direction you extrude.

Maybe it is a point to discuss on https://blender.community/c/rightclickselect/ an you will open a an post.

I don’t think you’ll get developers fixing issues in 2.79. Upgrade to 2.82 instead.