Extruding Facegroup surface equally around their outlines (reversed inset)

Hello everyone

Imagine I have a curved 2D snake made out of several faces. I want to “thicken” the snake, like extrude + scaling. But this method will scale from a center/pivot point and the extrusions will not be equally on the outlines of the snake. I am looking for a method like inset, but to extrude to the outside.

In the greater whole, I want to use this functionality to create a crevice through extruding this “snake” towards the inside of my object. But then I want this crevice to get thicker inside the object, than the surface shows. For this I need to thicken/extrude/scale the shape of the “snake” with an even distance to the outline.

Thanks in advance

Have you considered using the Offset Edges Addon with the Extrude option?

See: Offset Edges

Hey, … I have considereded to using an addon, but if it could be done with some hotkey chain sorcery, it would make me happier. I have tested around with inset > g,g,alt > outset … but it was requiring too much clean up of overlapping faces in the end. So I guess I will try your suggested addon when nothing more will turn up in the next week.

Make sure scale is applied.
Press “I” to inset, then immediately click to set it.
Open the drop down menu and drag the depth slider.

You can also press alt+s to scale evenly along the normal (‘shrink/fatten’)

I will retry this. It might be what I am looking for in the end.

edit: Yes, it is indeed the solution. Thx. Here is the result.

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