Extruding Flat Nurbs?

I went through a tutorial on how to make a smily face with NURBs circles, but I tried to extrude it (had everything selected) but it didnt extrude :confused:

Almost a year later, and I’m wondering the same thing! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone have an answer to his question?

I imported some 2D artwork from inkscape, and want to extrude it.


So Increasing the Extrude value in the Editing panel (F9) isn’t working for you?

Ah, I was just trying to extrude with the E key. I didn’t know there was a different way. I had looked around for a screen like that but couldn’t see it. Thanks!


/me smacks face with palm

I’ve been searching for this solution ALL DAY LONG. A dozen years with MAX and Blender has reduced me to n00bish. Thanks for that tidbit… I can now have a beer.