Extruding from svg (inkscape)

hey folks
I’ve been trying to create a 3d model from a vector image. I can create a 3d model from my vector. However there is only ever one set of vertices. How do I go about duplicating the vertices so the object I’m working with two “sides” of a flat extruded object?

For instance if I had a square, extruded that into a pillar and then wanted to twist the pillar into a torqued shaped I’d do so by adding a new vertices plane and use that as the turning point.

Hopefully this make sense to someone other than me.


  • Richard

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How about Alt-C convert to mesh and twist then?
Or, say, add new bezier curve. In edit mode set handles Auto on T-panel to get it straight and in properties assign your svg shape as a bevel object.
Each point on bezier could be rotated by Ctrl-t, twisting your shape.