Extruding in exact amounts

Just started using blender again to create some Fallout: NV style ruined skyscrapers and I thought when someone wanted to extrude in exact, set amounts you simply had to hold shift when extruding?

Ctrl-drag or for example E to extrude, x,y, or z for the axis to constrain to, and a number for how much. Scale and rotate work like this as well.

Ah niceone jay, tho bit of a problem, it seems to extrude the face in very large amounts, when I want to move in millimetres. Want to be able to have percision when extruding and moving objects around.

Probably the best way to extrude to exact amounts would be to select what you want, then Ekey, then x,y or z to constrain to an axis, and type in the displacment from the key board. Also note that holding down the shift key allows finer resolution than the Ctrl key if you are just dragging things around.

Hope this helps…

Here’s something I just figured out- hold ctrl first to snap, then shift to make it snap in smaller increments.

In the scene settings you can change the grid to be metric as opposed to Blender units.