Extruding individually

Let’s see if I’ve understood 3d-terminology enough to make you understand me;) My problem is this - I want to make this apartment building, meaning I will have multiple windows to model. what I tried to do was divide the building up nicely in sectors, where I would use extrude and inset(extr=0+Scale down) to shape out the basic detail of the window frame. Now, since all windows are basically the same, why not affect them all with just one click, that is, i select the “sectors” or faces and then try to inset, and here is my first problem

  • Is there away to affect all faces individually instead of in groups? As it is now, i get this overlapping inset instead of several. Otherwise i would have to go through the tideous procedure of modeling each window-frame and try my best to manually size them up precisely the same
    This also relates to my next issue, since when you extrude several faces at the same time they tend to be attracted inwards, instead of extruding individually along respective face’s normals(I think that’s the word) This is kind of hard to describe without pictures, but you probably have an idea of what I mean.
    I’m usually very patient, and try to look up the answers or figure them out myself, but I kinda need help here:/

I guess I could model one window-sector, and then duplicate and paste it where needed, but there must be a simpler way:/

Use Alt-S (Shrink/Fatten) instead of scale.


what exactly is the difference in the two?

Shrink uses the normals as axis of scaling.


Ok. You didn’t understand me:/ That was expected. The Alt-S basically only intrudes the faces into the mesh instead. What I want is an inset along the plane, to build the width of the windowframe. I don’t know how to explain it better. I could try to post a picture I suppose.

Try this script:

extrude along normal

Works on the faces that are selected in faceselectmode (F-key)

hope it is of any use,