Extruding Issue ( Have a Picture)

So basically I’m in blender as you know and i have an issue when trying to extrude the Cube. Whenever i try to extrude the cube it will go along one of the Axis and stay along that. After it does that It will add another cube where I end it.
But anyways here is a picture to help you understand.


ALSO I have disabled the mirror so i don’t think that would be the issue.

What result are you trying to achieve ?

I’m trying to Extrude the cube, basically im trying to make it a large rectangle. But when ever I go into edit mode press “e” to extrude it will just move the cube along the axis instead, then make another cube on that axis. but mirroring isn’t turned on

That’s because you have the whole object selected when you start your extrusion. If you use the normal extrusion method, you will in essence duplicate your object. Select the face(s) you wish to extrude and then press ‘e’ or Alt-e (for other options) and go from there.

Wow Thanks man I guess being tired dosnt help out that much.