Extruding issue

Hello! As in title I extrude some faces in Blender, but one “wall” (side of faces) doesn’t want to “go with them”. I suppose I can’t express exacly what I mean :slight_smile: Just look at the image and tell me if I can get around this issue in some way.

you have 1001 issues with the mesh, some hard to explain. submit the blendfile via dropbox or any other service and i will make a video response.

The problem is with the way you’re creating your mesh. You have odd-shaped ngons (faces with more than 4 edges) and numerous vertex points where the faces meet in ways that Blender can’t handle very well. These latter are common when using the Inset Faces tool. The Extrude tool can’t extrude at those vertex points due to how they’re converging.

You can continue with what you have, but it will be difficult if you want to do much more in those areas of your mesh. Right now you can use the Make Edge/Face tool to fill in the missing face.

im sending him a video response on PM soon, he contacted me directly. so this thread can be considered solved.

If you say so…