Extruding messes up my topology

Ok, so im trying to close up the top part of my liquid in a glass.

I select the edge, hit E to extrude and then S to scale…
But as soon as I do that… it messes up the topology of my glass aswell.
Additionally…the faces that are created…some of them are wrong and causing problems too

Im not sure what im doing wrong… but extruding seems to effect the selected edge a little bit… and I dont want that…

maybe im missing something…?

Here’s the file…

You can’t do it that way. What you have now is a 2-d glass which you are using a solidifyy modifier on. THat is fine for the glass but the liquid needs to be a single simple manifold solid. You can’t extrude a 2-d object like that or you will get interior faces. Your best best is to apply the solidify modifer, then select the verts inside where the liquid should be, d to duplicate (enter) and hit ‘p’ (selected) to make the seklected verts a separate object. Then you would be able to extrude that top edge loop inward to form the meniscus and top… but… it gets even more complicated. The real way to do liquid in a glass is to have a ‘cap’ for the top and meniscus, with inverted (inward) normals on the liquid part. Have a look at this from blendswap

Ok this is a lot more complicated then I thought it be haha… Thank you for the explanation! I think I understand how I need to do it now… I was thinking too simplistic. Ill try your method again, and I will also try to add surface tension like in the example you provided

I actually tried your way, by creating a seperate object from the inside mesh and closing that top off. But if I do that… do I need to make the liquid a tiny bit smaller then the inside verts? I think a saw a tutorial from BLenderguru, in which he says that you need to put the liquid object, in between the inner en outer wall of the glass…for most realitstic results… But i can’t seem to get good results with that (hard to position and the faces start overlapping)… what’s your take on this?

thank you again

Probably something like this. Can’t really test properly because my work PC doesn’t have a GPU.


Wine Glass.blend (791 KB)

Greg Zaal Has written a piece that is pretty much the Alpha and Omega on the subject. There is a link in that blendswap file, but here it is
The short answer is that the liquid mesh should overlap slightly into the glass, there should be no emptiness between the two.

Also the more I think about it, a regular drinking glass could be made with solidify but a wine glass should be made by spinning a cross section, or by circle extrusion.

The cap normals go upwards, but the non-manifold liquid normals go inward.

what you were trying to do is similar to this, which will create unworkable topology.

Grimza’s wine glass is good, but the liquid part is not correct, per greg zaa