Extruding multiple faces inward evenly at once

Hi all,

I’m trying to extrude 6 faces inward at once (see picture) to make a crate-like object. I have no problem doing this with each face individually, but I want to learn Blender’s tools better.

Is there any way to select all 6 faces (4 sides, top and bottom) and move them all inward at once?

Alt+E / extrude individual faces

Ok, I tried Alt + E, individual faces, but I could only get the faces to go outward not inward

What am I doing wrong here?

You need to push alt+E and then choose region (vertex-normals) to extrude inward

Either use Inset, or Extrude, then immediately cancel, then Shrink/Fatten (Alt-s)

Also, you have doubles in that picture which can make stuff unpredictable. Use Remove Doubles to get rid of them.

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Simply set the pivot point (next to texture/material toggle on the bottom bar) to individual origins.

e then s or g and move mouse inwards