Extruding verts along path/curve

I’ve been learning Maya after using Blender for about 5 years, and I’m trying to understand the main differences. I found one function that seems very useful and I realised I never did such a thing in Blender.
So I’m watching a tutorial video and this guy is using curves to create a profile of a shape which he wants to extrude along another curve.

and this is the result:

I was looking on google how to do that but couldn’t find definite answer. All I found was people using curves+arrays to do similar effect but its not exactly it. Take a look at second screenshot how it is nicely extruded along circular shapes, and it dosn’t have unnecessary loop cuts etc.

Do anyone know how to do that in Blender? I really would want to add it to my workflow in Blender as I’m not intend to leave it for Maya :slight_smile:

Curve bevel object https://www.blender.org/manual/modeling/curves/introduction.html#geometry

its not as simple in blender, you kinda have to set it up but you basically use an array modifier and curve modifier, kinda like this.
i do think blender needs to improve features like that, same with splines.

Hmm… it dosn’t seem to work. I’m attatching blend file


As Richard say…Curve bevel object.

This is 2 Bezier curve…The profile is used as bevel object in Geometry box…And the shape is extruded 5 cm in the Geometry box.

Remember Ctrl-a if Beizer is not scale 1

It isen’t that hard…:slight_smile:

Read the manual from the link You got…It will help You.


1d-Scripts: Extrude along path(originally zmj100"s):

Please forgive my ignorance - where does one find this 1-D script? I’ve Googled and found all sorts of obscure references to it, some saying it no longer works after 2.72, but no reference to where it can be obtained.

I miss Hexagon’s simple and very effective spline tools, such as path sweep, which is what is essentially being shown above. The Bezier curves are too cumbersome to do quick, simple tasks, such as making a picture frame, where one needs sharp 90 degree corners. Will the 1-D script do this?


Thank you - I get pages of code in this link. Unfortunately my coding skills are zilch - not done any since Sinclair ZX81 days :slight_smile:

What do i need to do to get this in a form I can use?

on my browser is automatically d/l as a .py file

I had this problem many years ago with Chrome - shows the file as ASCII. Tried Explorer, it can’t even find the site!

So, I guess I’ll just have to use Hexagon for quick, simple path sweeps.

Be really great if the devs could get a good spline modeler into Blender - it is so useful and common to all modelers:)

zipped d/l:

Very kind of you to go to the trouble - thank you :slight_smile: