extruding with CRTL

you know when you hold down CTRL and extrude it only goes by 1000 at aa time how do i make this like 100 or 50? because i need it to be smaller then 1000. is this possible?
sorry about the title i meant CTRL

Zoom in. The distance that your selection will move(when you press CTRL) will depend on how many squares you see on your screen. Or, press N to bring up the transform properties and input it manually.

awesome thanks a bunch

Also you can hold shift+ctrl when extruding (or performing any other numerical adjustment) to still adjust by increments, but smaller increments.

Or you can just type a number after the E, like you can with all the grab-scale-rot commands; E -.05 or whatever. (I usually seem to have to use negative numbers for ‘outward’.

Yeahhh Ctrl + Shit
It looks like someone already beat me to it.

I never knew such a button existed on computer keyboards. . .what type of keyboard are you using ?