So im creating my first character & i have a problem as you can see when im extruding.My mesh is extruding in two parts rather than a single mesh.
help me please :neutral_face:

@Rajneesh_Tripathi looks like you are using a mirror modifier. If so make sure you have cilpping turned on in the mirror modifier, especially when extruding from a middle row of the mesh you will get these types of results.

The one on the left has clipping turned off. The one on the right has clipping turned on.

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Omg :joy::joy: thank you so much. I deleted my model 2 times and i couldn’t figure out the mistake since im new i was just following the tutorial.
Thank you

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If you can suggest me some tutorials or anything related to character design or object modelling it would be a great help.
Thanks again

No problem, we have all been there at some point in starting. As far as tutorials on things like characters I have no idea. I typically hard surface model. But for tutorials look up Glen alexandrov, Andrew price, and yan sculpts, tutor4u is good as well especially for just starting out 3d modeling users.


Okay bro❤️