Extrusin alon a path

How do you make a tube that bends? Is it a circle that extrudes along a path? How do you extrude along a path?

Various options depending on the specific use

Read the wiki manual section about curves (link in blender help menu) for info on curve bevel objects

Option 1
Add a curve for the path, add a curve object for the cross section and set it to be a curve bevel object of the path curve. Then Alt+C to convert curve to a mesh
Option 2
For a circular cross section, for a curve object set the curve fill option to Full, set the Bevel Depth for the size of the cross section and the Bevel resolution as the number of sides for the cross section. Then Alt+C to convert to mesh
Option 3
Add a curve. Add a section of the extrusion, add an array modifier to it set to curve length. Add a Curve modifier and set it to the curve you want the extrusion to follow.

Example blend file attached


extrude.blend (94.4 KB)

Curve is the most versatile, but you don’t always need to use a path when modeling.

W -> bridge edgeloops, and looptools loft (addon) are suitable in some cases. You can use either for both examples (two rings, many).

Thanks a lot guys, your replies have been helpful.

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