Extrusion as per normal ?

Is it possible to extrude following the normal to a surface

instead of the local or global angles and how ?

and where can we find theses normal angles ?

The first time you extrude faces on a UV sphere it does so as per the normal - See Modif in 2.35 Version!

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Blender does extrude along normals, at least for the last few versions.

A normal is at a 90 deg angle to the face and can point in or out.

Out is desired as that is the direction you want light to reflect.

To see normals goto editing (F9) and on the Mesh Tools 1 depress Draw Normals, adjust NSize to change the display size of the normal.

Extrude >> Region >> Esc or RMB to cancel >> Alt-S.


OK for the normal - This seems to be the first choice for the Extrude command !

Now by pressing the X or Y or Z you can extrude as per these axis
which is fine !

this means that there are 4 Extrude possibilities !

but is there a place where we can see what the angles are ?


I’d like to be able to extrude/scale/transform a region along each individual faces/vertex/edges normal and not an averaged single normal. Also… I’d like the ability to extrude/scale/transform multiple pieces along their individual normals seperate from one another. Wings has these options… I’m not saying be like wings… I’m just saying that with some of the similar options already available… it shouldn’t be that hard to add and would save several steps in some instances.

just a thought, have you tried the extrude–> individual faces option?

I sorta typed fast without thinking… :slight_smile: Reverted back a couple versions in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:
The region extrude/scale/transform options are the ones I really would love. :slight_smile: