Extrusion & deformation of .png or .svg

Hey guys!
I’m lookin for a way to extrude and deform png or svg or whatever file you would see as a best option.
To introduce you to my problem: I’m modelling a car and i want to add a hexagonal grid (many of them). They are not very high-poly but due to its small scale and lots of vertices I don’t want to add the subsurface modifier. I think the that deforming it somehow as a image and being able to extrude it (or at least to add some bump map) would be the lowest performance consuming option.
Or is there any better way you make these kind of grids that look nice and don’t shut down blender, let me know! Please :+1:
Thank u for ur answers and opinions :innocent:

I think a plain texture with a bump map would be what you are looking for.