Extrusion keeps switching back to normal mode

I put in a bug report since it feels like a UI inconsistency. When using custom transforms with extrude, it always switches back to normal mode after the first operation. (Menu for transforms stays the same setting, just not the behavior.) Kind of annoying because I don’t want to have to select a custom transform every time I want to use that set of axes for movement on the secondary constraint. Seems like it only happens with extrude, other operations like move or rotate doesn’t seem to have this problem. If I wanted to use the selection normal referenced for the secondary constraint axes, I would have picked that option in the transforms menu - so having it stay in the mode that is selected by the user would make more sense.

Just wondering if anyone else noticed this, or finds it as an irritation in creating an extra step that slows their workflow?

Or is there some kind of work-around that I missed? :spin:

don’t get that with custom transform

can you upload sample file !

happy bl