extrusion of faces and colors ?

i tried to extrude the faces out of a plane

but the ciolor of the extruded faces on the sice did not mathc all the color of the front faces
see pic - and i did remove all doubles
how can it be all the same color >


Your are creating new vertices when you extrude. Since you have different colors on different vertex groups, the new vertices pick up the color of verts that they are extruded from. Just select the faces that you want to change the color of and choose the correct color in the maters Links and Material panel then press the Assign button.

i touhg by extruding selected face it should take the same color but may be i’m dong the righrt way - something is wrong
but not certain what exactly ?

another stange thins is that in solid mode all the color are very dark
the only way to see it clearly is to go into texture mode
and making certain taht all the normal all out or they are invisible in texture mode !


Ricky, if you want me to take a look at it. either post a link to your blend here, or PM me with the link.


ok that’s thenculprit
this variable imidst several material was too low
and i forgot that some mat had this value low like that at 0.2
blender is a little complicated when it comes to surface reflectivity
there are so many variables that can influence it - spec - mirror mapping -color - procedur texture - ramp ect…
so hope one day it wil be simplified a little
now i can continue to build my libraie of logogram to make Egyptian fresco