Extrusion on both sides

Hi all long time no seen,

I was wondering if there’s a way to extrude a face in both directions at the same time basicly creating 2 faces.
Did my research but could not find what I wanted.

Thanks in advance

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Also, can this be done while extracting individual faces?

solidify will do this. modelling section would be place better to ask.

Thanks moved my topic to the modelling section.
Is there a way to do this feature on selected faces in edit mode?

theres a solidify in the “Mesh” -> “Faces” menu.

or you can use vert groups. but neither of these gave me a happy result. might have to just do it manually.

The way you worded your question is confusing. Do you extrude two different faces in different directions at the same time, or extrude one into two faces which point in different directions?

If you meant one into two, then its best to cut that face into two before extruding; otherwise, you’ll have overlapping faces. As Daedalus has said, there is a solidify command, but I’m not sure if that is the effect you want.

If you meant extrude two different faces into different directions then that is the extrude individual command (alt + e). It looks like this:

how did you get that extrude menu to come up, that you selected individual faces from?
i’ve been using 2.79 and i’ve never seen anything like that.
i’m looking at your example and i don’t see what you did to invoke it.
if i try to select two faces like that, they only move perpendicular to the direction i want them to extrude.

Also found from the search menu by searching extrude individual, or from the mesh menu -> extrude -> individual faces