extrusion problem

So im going to start this off with saying im a complete noob. I still and not familiar with all the terminology but am understanding the basics i think. I keep having this problem when i am making character models (which is all i have made so far) where im extruding down/out and all the sudden i get extra vertices or things aren’t connected properly. If this has been asked a million times i am sorry but its really keeping me from progressing and learning more about the program.

If somebody has an answer or can guide to an answer that would be tremendously helpful! :slight_smile:

In Edit Mode hit “a” to select all, then “w” and choose remove doubles.
You’re probably hitting “e” too many times when extruding and you’re left with an extrude that’s sitting flat on your edge loop.

If the vertices are close but not in the same place, you can select them and use the merge tool (Alt + M).

I’m saying that if the board of Jasiek not solve your problem.

Thanks! i guess i am accidentally extruding with out meaning to or have no clue i did it so that seemed to have solved it.