extrusion process

when you extrude an object in one axis it extrude at the two ends - so difficult to match another object limits

is there a way to extrude only on one side instead of the 2 sides at ounce?


I’ve never seen that problem before. Just to be clear, you’re talking pressing “e” then “x” to, say, extrude along the x-axis and it’s extruding in both directions? Have you checked to make sure there’s no mirror modifiers turned on?

supose you got two rectangle olne with 5 BU long and the other is only 3 BU
if you try to scale the 3 BU to 5 BU long - OK you can use the Transform panle

but you can also extrude tehn scale to equal the length of the other object
in that case is there a way to scale on one side only and not on the 2 sides at ounce
it’s like it’s extruding from the middle instead of on of the ends
i know there is a option for text but i was wondering if there is this option for scaling !


The only thing i can think of is to manually Shift+right click or box select just what you want to move and then use g+(axis) to move it. Works great with a rectangle, but something detailed could be a bit of a pain. Sorry I can’t be more help, I’m relatively new at blender as well, and although I know my way around it, I’m sure there are tons of shortcuts for things I’ve been doing the hard way.

if you displace the center ov the object to on of the end the it will scle only on one side
but it’s too much problem there has to be a better way!


Like m9105826 said: Go into Edit mode select the face or faces you want to move, click G to grab, click X (or whatever axis you want), and then drag the selection.