Extrusion shouldn't be flat

Hi, all!

I want to extrude this hexagonal curve (near the 3D cursor) along another curve. I use the hexagon as a bevel object for the curve, yet the result is flat! How come ?

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First, you could use Curve Fill- Full and Bevel Depth, Resolution=1 to get hex form without even using hexagon object.
Second, is Rotation, Scale applied to the Hexagon?

try or with 3D curve instead of 2D

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As eppo said, if the hexagon has a rotation of anything but 0,0,0 and a scale of anything but 1,1,1, you probably won’t get the right results. ‘Ctrl + A > Rotation & Scale’ is what you need in that case. It might be a good idea to do all transformations (except the location of the object) in edit mode in the future, as this doesn’t affect the object’s loc/rot/scale.

Thanks to you both :slight_smile: