Extrusion Vertex Normals

wat happened to Extrude Region vertex normals? I rly need it

Nothing has happened to it, it’s still there.

Oh where is it then? If I use alt+e I have: Extrude faces along normals (but says local normals and it doesnt work as vertex normals) Extrude indiviual and Extrude manifold

It merely has been renamed. Works just as it did in 2.79b, that is extrude + shrink/fatten.

And how do I access that? thx btw

??? Extrude faces along normals.

well it doesnt rly work it connects them but only connects one side of each, wat settings do I need to edit to fix this?

do u know how to fix this?

I don’t understand the problem. Do you mean that gap on the corner? Are you sure there isn’t a hole there in your mesh?

lmao id even know wat that means im super new

If you mean that you’re getting the result on the left instead of result on the right, that means the edge on your model is split (i.e. there’s a hole, you just don’t see it because it literally has no size). Before doing the extrusion select everything and do a Mesh -> Merge -> By Distance.