Extrusion with fan out? /\ distribution/scaling polygon islands?

In this situation:

The selected Faces are separate and individual, and were Extrude Individual’d from the preceeding row. What I’d like to do is pretty much the same thing, but to “fan out” as they extrude. As they are however, their normals are parallel so they won’t automatically separate with this tool.

(With this small number of faces, no biggie to do them individually, but what if there were twenty?)

So, is there a tool that will space out individual faces, or ‘islands’ of connected faces, adding distance between them but without Scaling or distorting the individual faces? I had hopes for Push/Pull+Proportional editing, but couldn’t make it work.

You could try changing your pivot point to individual origins and scaling down the faces:

Then change your pivot back to median point and scale them up:

Not perfect, but it’s better than doing all of them manually.

Yeah, I got to scaling them down, but then was hoping (for a bigger task, of course) for something more systemic.

I guess I should search “blender distribute and align” for this kind of thing – that’s the usual buzzwords.