Eye: Alternate Iris idea...

I’d like to make an iris of an eye a bit different then you would think, but I don’t have any idea how to do it…
I want to make the iris with particles. Basically a circle that emits static particles that would somehow form the iris of the eye. When I try it just looks like a stiff brush. How can I add a little wave to the particles as they come out from the pupil?


That looks fantastic! Since you’ve gotten that far, I take it you know how to use a strand-mapped blended texture for hair colour.

The strands should be lighter in the centre near the pupil, and darker near the outside.

I’m not sure if it would be practical to use this model as the actual iris of your eye, but to use a rendering of it as an image texture would rock.

Thanks Ammusionist. Can someone tell me how to make the particles more liquid/wavy as they come out?

I think you can use a colour channel on some level to distort the particle movement, but I honestly have never tried. Look around, though, you might find something.

heres a tutorial from the blender wiki:

That is a great tutorial, “Lasphere”
I can’t seem to get the alpha to work… Any suggestions?


I got the alpha channel to work! Looks tons better. Now I need to make it look more wavy. How do I do that?

You change the random parameter under the normal parameters in the particle motion tab i think (sorry if my english is bad).

very interesting indeed, never seen it done like this before.

Wow, that looks awesome! I’m just wondering, does it take long to render?

This is pretty clever. Though I don’t see how this could work into a pipeline, seeing as the render times are going to be rough.

Random motion will change the initial direction, but to make it look more wavy, you might want to have a play with putting 6 or so curve guides around the emitter.

It takes about 25 sec to render.

really? not bad at all

Looking good! You will need the curve guides to get further randomness out of it.