Eye ANim Test

(BgDM) #1

Hey gang. Here is a set of eyes I animated using the Cartoon Eye tute on BlenderChar.


Requires Divx 5 codec to view. 476 kb, 8 seconds.

I can’t get the lattice keyframes to work properly. Any suggestions?

I consider this one finshed, as it is only a test.


(LX) #2

How about putting up one in blender’s avi jpg format rather than converting it so that we can all see it?


(emtilt) #3

LX: Just download the DivX codec at http://www.divx.com

He used it because it makes the file size smaller and quicker.

(paradox) #4

Cool now stick a face to it.


(LX) #5

Oh my god! THANK YOU!!! I was not aware this player existed! I have always had trouble getting players to play DiVX movies under Linux and the last time I checked their site all I saw was the codec, no player.

You rock. 8)

I checked out the eyes video. Very cool. I’d love to see them on a whole character. I tried for hours to make a nice looking pair of eyes that animated well. I’m very impressed.


(BgDM) #6

Hey thanks guys. I have a character for the eyes. I need to learn how to do some more anim stuff before I post anything else.