eye animation

Okey, not sure if this goes in the animation or the texture section. But i’m having an eye animated and i want to make a slider of some kind for the animation to make it faster to change. The eye is supposed to go from human eye till lizard eye in a split second and wondered how that could be done. I’ve tried adding a hook and doing a simple animation like this: http://s32.photobucket.com/albums/d19/thondal/?action=view&current=eyeanimated01.flv

Sorry for the lack of depth forgot the lightsource. But how can i make a slider and be able to change perhaps the iris to another colour? Please help me on this one.

With slider i mean while in posing/object mode having a slider than i can drag up and down or something for jaws, mouth, expressions etc. I’ve seen it done some places. Tutorial tips, anything would be useful.



you read my mind. ( Thanks :wink: just what i was looking for) but the other part of the question. Is there a way to make the texture change too?.


I’m having seriously problems here. Here’s my problem:

what is happening?
I have the eyeballs with uv textures (which showed the right thing yesterday and i’ve checked the texture.) and also i have a sphere over that again with reflection and almost 100 alpha value. Everything worked yesterday. Can somebody point me to what i’ve pushed wrong?

Okey, found the source of the problem, both eyeballs and the transparent over ball was reciving and giving shadows. Works now.