Eye candy Eevee scenes

You know, when you go for TV shopping they always show some colorful and sharp footage to show off. That’s exactly what we need. Few of them. More in the future.

Requirements are:

  • Eevee scenes that we can render ourselves to desired resolutions/frame rates
  • The scene needs to show off the resolution. So we need some sharp details.

Possible themes could be logo animations, particle animations, sceneries, indoor architecture, sci-fi or whatever looks awesome!

Drop me a mail with at least one reference, rough idea and rough price and let’s start from there. There is no real deadline here since this is testing for a new process for us to create demo content.

Vesa Laasanen
vesa (a t) picturall . com

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Email sent. I hope you can find what you´re looking for. Cheers.

Sent you an email! Have a good day!

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