Eye Creation : Suggestions

I’m trying to make eyes for my bird model… I don’t really know where to start with eyes. Could anyone suggest something?


Dig up some nice reference images and see how a real eye is structured. Check the anatomy and build up basic ideas. Expect to spend a lot of time sketching it out.

birds can have some pretty weird eyes, my suggestion would be to go to the site of van dykes taxidermy supply and take a look at their selection of glass eyes. i think they have a web based catalogue with images, but i’m not certain. anyway, bird eyes are very weird, not the same as people eyes.
(edit) here’s a link http://www.vandykestaxidermy.com/subcategory/13/

I’ve been wondering about eyes myself. The thread Building a better eyeball and the PDF (link) produced by Ammusionist is probably a good start. To glue eyelids to the eyeballs, I’d recommend using retopo.

/ Mats

Hello Dark Whoopy,
here is the link you have been praying for,
I think it is an 8 vidoe series, but it is well worth it and they are short videos, so whats the big deal right?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsD_PIhnai0

And to have the eye lid glued to the eye ball, once you have the shape of your yey ball, ( sphear?) then you can select the senter most row of verts, and hit the alt/shift RMB
to select that edge loop, aand shift “D”, anow you have your contour of your eye ball, and you can use this row, the model the rest of the eye lid, just rotate it in the right fashion so it stays “Glued to the eye ball” with the “use 3d cursor” and set the cursor to the center of the eye ball, or something like this, cant say for sure i am not doing it right now, but you will see what I mean when you start
hope this helps