Eye deforming & rigging

Ello all! I’m new to these forums but I hope you can help me out!

Me and some friends are starting a project to start our own game (whoo!) and I’m the 3D artist at the moment. I have to create an alien character that can be animated (someone else is animating) and the model is finished apart from the eyelids. The eyelids will be coming across sideways (aka not the way human eyelids work) and I’ve used the lattice deformation technique to make the eyelids follow the curve of the eye itself and it’s working all well and good. The only problem now is that I have to connect the eye+eyelids to the main body, which has already been rigged. I try to connect it using ctrl+j but it only connects the eye itself. The eye, left eyelid and right eyelid are all seperate objects and trying to connect any of them either leaves the lattice behind (causing the eyelids to not work) or does something else that I don’t want.

So basically: How can I get cartoon-shaped eyes+eyelids to connect to a rigged mesh?

select both the and the eye lid while holding shift so that you have both selected and then select the bones or the thing you to connect it to then press ctrl p and click armature, then click create from bone heat