Eye Model with Procedural Textures

Here’s a little project I started last night. It’s just an extremely exaggerated irritated eye. It uses the some of the same principles of the Pixar eye tut, but I have changed quite a bit. ALL the materials and textures are procedural because I wanted to have a super high res render. It doesn’t look realistic, but that’s not what I was going for. It is supposed to be a little more stylistic. Does anybody have any ideas to make the scene more “dark” (mood-wise)?
Quick update (I know it’s only been a few minutes)
I changed the pupil to have a striated (is that the right word?) look. Remember, I’m trying to make it look unreal and real at the same time.

give the white bit a red cloud texture(IMO)
and some mouldy holes and some riped nervs

look at my evil eye :smiley:

striated/sarated :-?

If you see the top right “corner” of the eyeball, it looks much more shadowy. I think if the entire eyeball faded out much like that area it’d look darker.

Yes, if you get one side of the eye to fade into shadow, that will give a darker mood. Also try to use cold colored lights (blue or green).
keep it up. I like it.

Are the viens modeled or bumpmapped?

It’s really exaggerated, but you said that that’s intentional.

I find several things that could be improved. Make the iris (the colored part of the eye) darker. The pupil of the eye is supposed to be perfectly circular. Even if the eye is “irritated,” the iris will not completely change its underlying structure and become jagged. (Unless someone cut parts of it out somehow :-?) There is too much specularity on the eye and it’s not helping an intended dark mood.

I hope to see some updates.

The Pupil is definatly to rigged, Thats the most unrealistic realistic eye ever :smiley:

I think most of the crits have already been made.
Here is some guidance: http://health_info.nmh.org/hwdb/images/hwstd/medical/ophthal/n1307.jpg
try to make the pupil more circular and very dark (black)
also you can extend the red veins all the way to the color part of the eye.

Ok. I had an idea:
And one with a rounded iris. I actually prefer the jagged one.
I’m working on the rest of the comments.

Here is another variation of the idea above. I’m thinking about adding even more veins. Also, what do you guys think of making the pupil dilated to better represent “darkness”?

Hmm kindof reminds me of the OverMind, from StarCraft. :slight_smile:

I’ve actually never played starcraft. I tried a quick google and couldn’t pull up anything except story lines. Would you mind posting an image of this overmind if you could?

http://silverfrogs.free.fr/starcraft/heros/overmind.gif http://silverfrogs.free.fr/starcraft/heros/overmind.gif

I kind of liked it when the eye was alone, but the veins all being attached to it is okay… the latter picture of them just has too many of them though, and ruins the effect.

Could you elaborate why you like it better alone? And also what “effect” does it ruin? I’m trying understand these crits better to help me grasp how others percieve the piece.

I like the extra veins because I think it makes the piece a little more unique. I’ve seen dozens of generic 3d eyes and I’m trying to separate myself from that group just a little. Also, with the eye in the center all alone, the piece feels empty. I’m going to experiment some more, expect another update by tonight (I’m at the university and get to use their fast computers).

The one with fewer veigns is the better of the veign pictures. Theone with more distracts too much from the eye itself, and also makes it harder to soe that they ARE veigns, because in the one with more veigns it looks almost like hair.

I too like the one without veigns better, though.

The first eye was better IMO. The strands flowing out in the later images remind me of sperm trying to fertilise an egg. It’s because the eye is 3D so the veins wrap around it just like in image one. If they don’t wrap then it looks like they’re not part of the eye.

But, I don’t know if you’re aiming for a realistic eye. If you are then tweaking the first image would be the way to go. In fact, if you were able to recreate a realistic looking eye using procedurals, I’m sure a lot of people would be interested because it’s hard finding high-res images of eyes for mapping that are easily changeable like the colour.