Eye modeling help?

I’ve recently indulged in Blender for the purpose of giving a game model’s head smoothly blinkable eyes.

Here’s the head in question -


As you can see, the face is merely textured onto the 3d model -


I am unsure of how to create a blinkable eye with Blender. The mouth is movable and has lip vertices; I’ve had no issues creating movements with it.

Someone succeeded in doing it, they posted a showcase video -

The model is a .pmx file, and the head itself is a .x file.
I could put the head up for DL if anyone would like to help me out!

What I’m looking for is a tutorial on how to make the eyes blinkable like in the showcase video.

Model/parts © KOG Elsword

One way to do it is to have two head models, one with the texture of “eyes open”, the other model with a texture of “eyes closed” - then when it comes time to animate, you hide and unhide each model as needed to create the appearance of a blink.