Eye - mostly material critics

Hello everyone, now, this is the eye I have after loosely following the Pixar eye tutorial on Wikibooks. You can download this blend file here:


You will need this texture for the UV mapping: http://www.myfilehut.com/userfiles/115734/eye%20textures.jpg

Please post what you think needs to be improved. The eye consists of the parts named in the Pixar eye tutorial, and the iris is an UV mapped texture. Don’t be shy, just critisize how much you want. I really think it needs improvement and I need you to spot those parts :slight_smile:

Now, here is another issue:
Render done with Internal renderer:
Render done with Yafray:
Why is it that Yafray gives such an undesired effect?

it looks good, except the yafray one is a little dark

You may want to move the lights around, because the glare being on the edge of the cornea doesn’t look good

Thanks a lot for the critics. I’ll see if I can move the lights around to make the glare look better. Any more critics? Keep 'em coming!

Everythings great. I’d turn up the hardness on the whole thing, and lower the spec just a teeny bit.

By the way, to save you some forum… harassment later on:
Critics are the people who critique you. We are giving you “crits”/“critiques” by being “critics”.

I have trouble with eyes in Yafray as well. Try making your cornea not traceable. Did you make thatiris texture yourself?

Your biggest problem is that you have it all as one mesh. You need to separate the iris from the cornea and have a separate circle mesh for the pupil. The straight line edges are due to the iris being connected to the cornea. Separate the iris, cornea/sclera, and pupil and you will be golden!

A good vein map would make it more realistic. Also try putting angmap or similar to the scene to generate reflections.

You can have the reflections and hide the skymap if you don’t render Sky layer. Sounds funny but works.