Eye need help with texture

Ok Here’s my problem folks lets see if anyone can help me out with this one because I’m stumped.

I’ve been trying for some time now to make a convincing human looking eye, and with no tutorials on the subject (none I could find anyway) I did research on the eye and it’s make-up. Now I have the modeling done, and am trying to texturize the “white” of the eye so that the opening where the iris meets the white, the white is slightly less opaque at the edge of the mesh then blends into solid color. Problem is every time I try to get the inner opening to transluce a bit the entire mesh follows suit. I tried using a seperate mesh to get the illusion of the blending to solid white but it made a noticeable band around the cornea that just looked creepy and wrong.

I’d really rather not start a new modeling technique for the eye, because it looks pretty good (results coming you can judge for yourselves when I’m done), and if I can find a way to do this I’ll have a pretty standard technique for quickly building a human (looking) eye.

Any help is appreciated


Hai Trager,

My name is Arun, and I am trying to make the “human (looking) eye” Using Gimp. With in a Few (2-3) day I will be done and If it works U can try it.

But I am not a pro I am just a beginer But I am trying hard to make it. Very seriously. It is nearly Equal to the human Eye now. If I cant we both can solve this problem. Dont worry ok.

But I have another problem and that is after finishing the tutorial I want keep it in the net. But i dont know where I can upload the compleate Zip file. if You can please try to help me.

I dont have any web page of my own, and I dont Know how to make one too. So if any one reading this message. Help me where I can UPLOAD the compleated Tutorial ZIP file.

Contact me Throug forum ID or my mail ID [email protected]

I will be very Thankful and thanks in advance.

Please any one can give me the link where to save the Tutorial file mentioned in the above Message.

arunkumar -

First off good choice on the Gimp - same software I used. The # of layers I had to use to get a convincing iris…pain!

You can get free page hosting through any of the following: Yahoo Geocities (if your a Yahoo member you can make a page and store there), FreeWebs, heck even myspace (there’s a ton more I just can’t think of anymore off the top of my head), and you don’t really have to know anything to get the page up and running, most of them have a pretty decent page builder you can use.

So try that out and see if any of those services will work for you. If not ask around, everyone around here has a hosted page it seems, I’m working on my online portfolio right now.

For anyone else -

So I had an idea last night and was gonna run it by whoever reads this post, can I particlelize just a selected edge or verts of a mesh, just a thought on how to get that translucent appearence where the “white” meets the iris??? ANYone?

What’s wrong with modeling an anatomical correct eye? why all the trouble with textures?
First get a good anatomy book, and look at how many parts an eye has, and especially how many lenses.

take a sphere
make an opening
duplicate the sfere and scale it inside the first one and set a nice material for the retina (red with marbled “veins”)
add the iris “muscles” (lots of small cones holding the lens)
add the lenzes with different values for the refraction (3 transparant disks if I remember my eye anatomy correctly).
And use raytracing.

the white is slightly less opaque at the edge of the mesh then blends into solid color. <- this happens due to the “aqueous humor” on the outside of the eye, you could use a transparent material with more thikness to achieve this effect.

Thanks for that help:), Iam searching now and i am a Yahoo user too.

You can try this E-book on making The Eye . . .


I hope it may be useful

Thanks for giving the idea on getting the anatomy of Eye.

:)Thanks “hoxolotl”

Yeah see…here’s the problem. I have the modeling done. I’m done. I did all the research already, have made the dang thing, I have like eight thousand med journal, and text book pages on the subject…I don’t need help with that. That’s done.

I need to duplicate the effect of sclera meeting/overlapping the iris with a slight degree of translucency. That’s my dilemma - I didn’t use the ubiquitous terminology the first time so that everyone could understand.

Sorry to sound snippy, but here it is…I know what it is, what I need help with is how to duplicate it with Blender.:smiley:

Ow, sorry :slight_smile:
You could use a blend texture and use the “alpha” option in F6 (texture options)… press the “color” tab and use a colorband…hope this helps.