eye on ice

well here it is, first serious image in yafray

C&C are very welcome

Haha, funny. :smiley:
A nice looking render.
My only crit is that the glass could need one more level of subdivision.

The ‘ice’ looks a little too opaque. Look like metal cubes.

the eye look metallic…

I like the eye render…
But ice is not really good I think…

try with this tuto (sorry, self publicity, but if I can help… :Z)

so render here

tuto here

blend file here

yfkar: thanks, personally I like the glass but…
jaycun: well I was also a little disappointed with “ice” but then I couldn’t help…
funebre: well eye was supposed to be a little metalic (but also I was tired in improving it)
CyaNn: thanks a lot, tut look great I will use it for sure in future

summary: let’s pretend that “ice” is not real water ice but somekind of futuristic “metal ice” (we have XXI century, haven’t we ? :smiley: )

thanks for all your comments maybe later I’ll make some version 2 of this work

Regards to all

BTW . . . I do like the glass. . . . looks real.

Yeah I like that comment too :D. We will probably figure out a way to be part machine and this will be like a circuit repair ‘juice’ for those corroded circuits. :smiley: (laughing)