Eye Problem

Is there some sort of rig or armature that you can apply to eyes to make them easier to manipulate for an animator? For example, something that makes the other eye move when one is manipulated. Help!

Maybe this thread will give you some ideals: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=66112

Thanks! I was hoping for something to connect to these:


Downloaded from Kator Legaz

I think the same method would apply. Make sure each eyeball’s center is indeed the perfect center of the eyeball and then set track to constraints for each eye to the same empty. Here is a blend with two simple eyes set to track to an empty. Open the Blend and grab the Empty (Named EyeFocus) and move it around, you will see that both eyes track it.

EyeTrack.blend (81.1 KB)

set up a non deforming arature for each of them then have one have a copy rotation constaint to the other?