Eye problems

Hi - I’m having problems doing eyes for my model. They’re made up of two parts - concave eyeball and convex transparent membrane. They’re fine by themselves but when rendered with the head they come out black. See below - pls help if u know what’s wrong.


I had the same issue. The only work around I came across was disabling ray tracing on the transparent material.

I’ve tried everything and this seems to be the only solution. Even without raymirror or raytransp switched on, as long as “traceable” is switched on the transparent membrane renders black. Is this a bug?

Lamps? I think whatever lamp you have has to have the ability to raytrace. I don’t have the Mullins book with me right now, but as I recall, he shows Captain Blender with black eyes due to a hemi? lamp not having raytrace. Try a spot or something to check this out; sorry I can’t be more specific. (Cool model, btw.)