Eye Problems

Hi, i am having problems mapping a texture to the eye of my character. I did originally make an eye but i couldnt get it to fit into the socket properly so now im just mapping an eye texture. Ive succesfully added a new material for each eye…but now ive added the texture as image and used a picture of an eye but just cant get it to go into the center of the eye…it ends up either all blue, or completely black…can someone help, ive uploaded the file and atm its the left eye which im working on.

Darth mortis.blend (899 KB)

there are a couple ways to do it. one involves mapping to an empty, and another is UV mapping. Also, you can adjust the texture scale, and set the borders for ‘clipping’. My recommendation, would be UV mapping. It’s something everyone should learn, as it is invaluable, for most complex texturing operations. To do an eye should be quite easy. here’s how:
split your screen and open a UV window.
now back in your 3D window, go into edit mode with your sphere
no need to make seams on this one, so just go into front view, and hit U.
from the menu that pops up, click ‘project from view’
you should now see your UV coords in the UV window.
now with your coords loaded in the UV window, open the eyeball texture ( in the UV window )
scale and move your UV coords ( same commands as in the 3D window, S and G for scale and grab ) so that the coords are centered on the eye, and the correct scale.
now go into textured draw mode in the 3D window to see that the texture is laid out properly.
now you have to load the image as a texture channel in materials.
back in materials buttons, set ‘map input’ to ‘UV’
…and that should do it.

Thanks for your help, ill try that later :smiley:

Tried it and it worked great…thanks