Eye Rig problem

Hey guys, this is my first time using blender, and I am trying to IK rig my mesh. I rigged my eyes so that I have two eye targets, with the eye bones parented to them, (although not with any deformation). However, when I move my eyes with the eye targets, the eyes move fine, but the back of the head of my model moves with them, and completely messes up the mesh. I been looking at the bones in weight paint mode, but they don’t seem to be weighted to any part of the head… so I’m stumped. Could anyone help? I also tried to upload the .blend file, but the uploader just went to 1% and then stopped… so stumped there too.

First of all make sure that there is only one Armature modifier under mesh object.

Second, visually checking weight paint doesn’t show you everything. Add Mask modifier on mesh object. And in Vertex Group field, go through each bone / vertex group. It will show you clearly association between each bone and the mesh. Look for anomaly.