Eye rig problem

This is my first blender project, and I have created an eye rig for my character. However, it turns out that the eye target bone moves part of the head as well for some reason. Also, the part that it moves is inside the head, not the part of the head that you can see, which is there due to some messed up mirror modifiers. I have checked weight paint and the mask modifier on all the moving bones, and I have checked that the deform is unchecked on all of them, but still no luck. Something that may have happened is that I had to put all of my meshes together with Ctrl j, which put a whole bunch of modifiers that I applied, and that could of somehow messed it up?? I really don’t know, I am completely stumped. Please help!

The blend file was too big, no matter how much I compressed, to attach, so here are some pictures:

Try unchecking deform in the bone settings.