Eye-rigging help

Can anyone help me out with a rigging problem I’m having? The issue is that every time I try to rig the eye of my model to the corresponding bone the eye ends up being repositioned faraway from the rest of the body.

I have absolutely no idea as to why this is happening, which is why I need help with this matter.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as always!

hello, could you please share your file? (delete the rest of the mesh if you don’t want to share it) https://pasteall.org/blend/

Here’s the blend file: eye_rigging_help.blend (780.0 KB)

your eyes are already parented to the armature, if you parent them to the bone it automatically deparent them from the armature and bring them back to their initial location, so what you can do is deparent (Alt P) but with the Keep Transformation option so that they keep their current location, then parent to the eye bones

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That worked perfectly! Thank you for the help! :grinning: