Eye rigging problem

Hi there, thats my firs post, soI’m sorry if that question exist in previous threads.

I’m relatively new inBlender and I’m doing a project just to get some obstacles and learn.I have a problem rigging the eyelid of a character.
My character has bigbulging eyes, so since the Shapekeys moves only from one point toanother I have to make 2 shapekeys to create the complete movement ofthe eyelid. Thats ok, but now I have to put those two shapekeys intoone driver in some way that when the first shapekey ends start thesecond shapekey. I’m trying with scripting but I cant find the way(I’m really new in Python).

Anyone knows how can I dothat?

Thanks and sorry about anyspelling issue, I’m not natural english speaker :slight_smile:

Try this out. I always watch this vid when Im in trouble with shape keys and drivers since I dont use that too often…so I always forget those stuff.

Good luck my firend!

There’s a tutorial that covers exactly that kind of eyelid rigging: http://vimeo.com/18881312