Eye robot

Hi this is my first work with blender posted here,anyway its not finished.

Tell me what do you think!


First of all welcome to the Blender world :smiley:

That’s a amazing pic for a first post, I can hardly believe I am the first one to reply it. Have you had more experience in 3d?

Anyways, the eye is really cool, the thing that is connecten to the eyelit is really stylisch and the legs are very convincing but the body is not realy convinsing. You should work on that. Perhaps a thing where the cables and the machanism form the eye enters the body. If I were you I’dd work on that first, the legs and eye are very very cool. 8)

Keep it up

Thanx for the coment roger!
Actualy the body its not very convincing becouse its very simple,but i will work on it!

And i have had no experience in 3d before blender.

Cheers --=leon=-- :slight_smile:

I have worked some parts,and now there are 2 eye robots,and i think they are in love :smiley:
comon people leave some feedback! :frowning:


Very cool concept. Now just work on lighting a little.

I have made some change to the light and materials+textures.
I have a lot to do to finish this i think is coming up well,but i need some feedback,do you all think that this concept sucks?!
Please people leave some feedback i really need it!!