Eye, Robot

Hello everyone.
This is something that I started about one and a half year ago and finished about two months ago.
(Click to view in the best quality)

It started from designing different robots with eyes as heads, and after lots of ideas I came up with this one. But my teacher suggested that I should define the enviroment. So I created a simple room, and then decided to make the whole thing slightly abandoned/destroyed. Until this point, everything was hand drawn in A4 paper with 2B and HB pencils. I didn’t want to ink it by hand, so I scanned it in 1200 dpi, and resolution 10200x14039. Then I used Photoshop. First I did the digital inking using the pen tool (with stroke paths). I also used the brush tool, with my wacom bamboo tablet and pressure sensitivity for the width of the brush, to create the cracks and some details, such as some wires, the veins in the eye and the iris color. I colored it and afterwards I used simple gradients and advanced bevels for the reflections. The shadow of the robot was painted with a feathered brush. There are 224 layers in total, categorized in groups.

Feel free to leave your comments and/or questions.



This is really awesome - quite well done. Good stuff!

Thank you for the kind words kbot!

interesting robot… very nice :slight_smile:

Thank you, m_squared!
For the robot I wanted to create a character combining an eye and destroyed metal parts, so this is the result of that.