Eye shader advice

I want to know how most people here tend to go about making their eye shaders.

I usually use two spheres, one that has a sort of a flat side to it to represent the Pupil, Iris and Sclera which just has a Difuse, normal and roughness maps all plugged in to a Principled node. Then I have another sphere that stretches a bit outwards and envelopes the other sphere to represent the cornea. This one just has a Glass node attached to it.

When the eye is just floating in space it’s usually fine, and it gives a nice result, but as soon as I place inside an eye socket on any character, the eye becomes instantly very dark and you can only see it if you get really close or point a light at it.

That’s not how eyes are suppose to work, you see them all the time unless you are in a pure pitch black room with no light sources. Otherwise, even the gloomiest room allows one to see another person/animal eyes.

However, i can never get this, whether I’m using lamps, HDRI or anything else.

So I want to know how people get around this issue or maybe even share your node shader or tricks you use to create convincing eyes for your characters.

Turn off shadow casting for the sphere with the glass shader on. That should fix the problem