Eye Shader Issue

Hey, I’ve been trying to get a simple Eye shader with as little noise as possible, but the shine never feels right for some reason.

In this render, this is the best I could do thus far, and well, it still doesn’t look right.

They look very dark for some reason, and I also rendered it with an HDRI but they were still dark anyway.

How can I achieve a simple good looking eye node setup? It doesn’t have to be uber realistic, just needs to work right.

Here is the blend file: https://mega.nz/#!AdMCiS6D!KMrQDz1mR-2A3adlni3UmNbnbTjRujOYPmUi3Zaj-Lo

P.S. The Eye textures are not mine, so dont run away with them.


Eyes have layers and shape. Using cycles render you need to reproduce the real world.

Your cornea material uses a Transparent shader that’s not fully white. Even slight deviations from a pure white color will have a massive effect on the transparency. Make also sure that the cornea material does not cast shadows on the underlying parts of the eye.

Thanks. Making it white did help!