Eye Texture Pack

I just released my Eye Texture on blendswap it comes with a .xcf, This is a highly versatile eye texture and I release the work under CC0 (information here), my gift from me to you. enjoy -proxe

you can download at BlendSwap

or you can direct download here (blendswap file size is smaller)

the actual .xcf is 1024x1024, here is an example:


In the .xcf there is a total of 15 layers that you can color & mix to your needs.

what, no comments? Its a free and awesome eye texture!!!

Its a free and awesome eye texture!!!

You sell it very well :wink:

Amazing, the level of detail is impressive.
I opened it in Gimp to give a look to your layers, and that’s even an bigger work than i thought. So easy to change the color tone, a big plus.

Thanks for sharing.

Well, it is certainly awesome :wink: Thanks!

thanks man, i don’t have any use for this right now, but it is, nevertheless, cool to have.

im gonna use it for my project!
im gonna put u in tha credits!
im gonna show u when its ready!

Wow. Impressive. I’ll definitely be playing with this in the future.

I’ll probably make a tutorial on how to make an eye texture like this in the future, although this looks nice its not actually realistic, I personally like it more then a real eye but that’s only because it has a painted look.

I made this texture free because I made two other eye textures to replace it, one more realistic and the other more artistic, they are both more useful but a lot more complicated, the realistic eye has 63 layers… :spin::spin::spin::spin::spin:

thanks for sharing,proxe! :slight_smile:

…a great resource to have!

…please share the realistic eye texture,if you can! :wink:

This is so neat - sometime ago I was scrouring the 'net for eye textures…


don’t want to hijack this thread, but thought some may be interested in some of the techniques from a tutorial i did for blenderart magazine on how to generate iris textures like this one


its in issue 21