Eye that became a sculpt

Hi all,

Was working on a procedural eye yesterday to be able to quickly have eyes ready for a sculpt and when I wanted to see how it looked in a face things went out of hand and I kept at it.

So I decided to continue working on this guy as I like how he turned out so far. Guess I’ll make him a Druid or mechanic :slight_smile: I had no concept so I still need to come up with one matching his face.

continued working today and started retopology. I have very little experience in this so feedback is welcome if you see horrible mistakes I’m making!

Edit with final retopo and added some eyelids

Trying some stuff with hair particles. Never used “realistic” hair before cool stuff.

I am still trying stuff out. Did a quick high res bake and worked on test textures in substance. Still in doubt if I should add arms and legs or keep the bust.