Eye tracker bone lost!!!

I ´ve lost my eye tracker bone, i can´t see the bone, it is not hiden AND IT appears in the Outliner window but when i select it there no bone is selected. The connection lines from the pupils to the tracker are also displayed
How can i recover this bone form the darkness??

I had a similar problem once where the bone got scaled to 0 for nor apparent reason. Try this select the bone in the outliner and then press n for properties panel in the 3d View. Look at the scale factor and adjust if it is 0.
I couldn’t reproduce it so I didn’t report it as a bug.

no luck with that trick man, now that u say it, it happened to me once before.
any other idea guys?
I ve also checked all the layers

I was just going to suggest checking to make sure you hadn’t moved it to another bone layer. (Don’t forget, bone layers are different from scene layers).

If that’s not the problem, my guess is you’ve hidden the bone. At some point, you accidentally hit HKey instead of Gkey. You can unhide the bone by hitting Alt+HKey.

I think you should delete your mesh or anything else not specific to the problem and post the resulting .blend here for people to look at properly.

ok, hereis the file. Please let me know if you discover the problem.
Thank you

Your tracker bone is on bone layer 10. In the F9 Edit Buttons window, the second panel (“Armature”) shows that you’re viewing bone layers 1 and 2. Shift-click layer 10, and your tracker will reappear. You can then select it, and in the “Armature Bones” panel, click layer 1 or layer 2 under the tracker bone’s options.

You could also use the MKey to change the layer the bone is on after you’ve found it.

hey man great! didn´t know that, how the heck has that bone traveled to that layer??? cosmic magic is getting filtered in my blender :wink:
well, thanx very much

Hehe, you should thank Lancer. Uploading your .blend file was his idea. :wink:

I thank all of you guys, for being there, learning and helping!
You guys, rocks!