Eye Tutorial

Yes, a question about the all-famous Eyetut:


I feel very dumb, because I have never been able to do this tutorial. It says to model the eye i need to use blenders subdiv surfaces. okay i know how to use them, but i dont know how i can just “cut a slice out of the front of the eye” in order to get the three different parts of the eye.

Don’t tell me that none of you don’t know how to do this tutorial…

Back up with different name. Select slice. Press P. It’s most straightforward solution.
You may also just create two identical spheres and delete unneeded vertices on both.
Or, if you need it as a single mesh, just assign different material to cornea and create the rest by say, extrude. Note that it is non-manifold shape so, SubSurfs won’t work on it nicely.

Actually, there’s a better extended version of that eye tut. I forgot the link. I’ll look it u and get it to you

I remember this tut. Built seperate pieces myself.

Be prepared to spend a lot of time tweaking the lighting. And I recall having to play with the shape of the cornea a bit also.

Bit it does make a nice eyeball.